Interview short question answers

on drawing increases its understanding

and clarity. It is helpful in making and

reading of drawings. Use First angle

projection method because of its simplicity.


Q1. What is a plane?

It is a two dimensional figure such as a triangle, square, trapezium & circle,
(Object of negligible thickness such as sheet of paper, thin plastic sheet).

Q2. What is difference between a plane and a lamina?

Plane is a two dimensional figure with limited/ unlimited two dimensions.
Lamina is also a limited two dimensional figure. For example a sheet of paper is a lamina.

Q3. What does symbol mean in drawings?

There are standard symbols as per national or international codes. There are standard symbols for types of lines, materials and joints used in industry. These symbols make the study easy, simple and convenient.

Q4. Draw a symbol for 1st angle projection.

Fig. shows the symbol for 1st angle projection below.

Q5. Draw a symbol for 3rd angle projection.

Fig. shows the symbol for 3rd angle projection below.

Q6. Why not to draw projections in second and fourth angles of projections?

Front view and top view overlap each other. Thus there is no clarity. Confusion is there.

Q7. Differentiate between first and third angle projections.

Sr. No.

First angle projection

Third angle projection

Place the object in the First quadrant
Place the object in the Third quadrant
Object lies between the observer and the plane of projection
Plane of projection lies between the observer and the object.
Left side view appears on right side and right side view appears on left hand side.
Left side view appears on left side and right side view appears on right hand side.
Draw Top view below and vice versa
Draw Top view on top and vice versa.

Q8. Describe free hand sketching.

It is fast, easy and convenient method of drawing an object. In this, dimensional are proportional to the actual size.

Q9.  What is a Horizontal Plane?

 A horizontal plane is parallel to leveled ground. Its symbol is H.P. It contains the top view.

Q10. What is a Vertical plane?

 The plane which is parallel to a vertical wall is vertical plane. Its symbol is V.P.. It contains the front view.

Q11. Name the principal planes of projections.

Planes employed for projections of front view, top view and side view are principle planes of projections. These are reference planes. These planes intersect at right angles to each other. These are vertical plane, horizontal plane and the profile plane. Assumed these transparent planes.

Q12. What is the principle of projection?

Draw straight lines from various points on the contours of an object. These meet at points on the plane of projection. Joining these points give the shadow of the object. This shadow is the projection of the object on that plane. Project other objects in the same way.

Q13. What are the different methods of projections?

Ans: There are four types of orthographic projections.

(i) First angle projection
(ii) Second angle projection
(iii) Third angle projection
(iv) Fourth angle projection

Q14. What is orthographic projections?

Ans: The projections on planes perpendicular to each other are orthographic projections. Front view, top view and side view of an object are Orthographic projections.

Q15. What are different types of projections?

Ans: There are two types of projections, namely, orthographic and isometric projections.

Q16. What is a reference line or ground line (G.L.)?

Ans:-The line of intersection of two principle planes of projections VP and HP is reference or ground line. It is x-y line. All views are above or below the ground line. It depends upon the method of projection. In first angle projection, Front View is above the ground line.

Q17. What is an auxiliary plane?

 An inclined plane is an Auxiliary plane.   Inclined plane to HP is

Auxiliary Inclined Plane (AIP). Inclined plane to VP is Auxiliary  Vertical Plane (AVP).

Q18. What is an auxiliary view?

Ans:-The view obtained on the inclined plane is auxiliary view.  Section of solids uses it. Sectioning gives internal details which are not visible.

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